AS MERGEN SECURITY, which offers Information Security services and conducts R&D activities, we hereby warrant to all our stakeholders that;

  • -We will follow current cyber threats related to our activities with “zero day” approach, comply with the conditions and legal requirements arising from the contracts,
  • -We will ensure effective, accurate, fast and secure implementation of the activities conducted, and carry out security test service activities that we fulfilled, in accordance with the standards required by the sector,
  • -We will carry out our activities being aware of the risks on confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all kinds of information assets belonging to our company, customers, employers, suppliers and business partners
  • -We will ensure to make information security management system and information security awareness is a part of the corporate culture
  • -We will ensure to prepare, apply and test the necessary plans to provide business and service continuity,
  • -We will ensure assessment and processing of risks directed at our information assets and processes in accordance with the accepted risk management methodologies,
  • -We will be in communication with the communities of interest in order to utilize developing technologies and accumulation of knowledge in our industry in which we offer knowledge-based services.

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